Medical Social Services

If you or a loved one is experiencing an illness or injury that makes it difficult to function, our medical social services program can assist you. Many individuals with illness don’t realize how much help is out there for them in the form of social services.

A medical social worker can visit with you in the hospital, meet with you in an outpatient setting or in your home. Social workers are trained to assess social and psychological issues that you may be dealing with. They can help you and your family to deal with any of these challenges that you may be facing. They also are skilled at helping you to find any additional services that you may require.

Medical social workers do their job on a medical team that includes doctors, nurses. Physical therapists, Occupational therapists Speech therapists and anyone else who is working towards your treatment. This team dynamic is very important to ensure that you receive the highest level of care possible.

Some of the services that medical social workers can help you obtain include grief counseling, psychotherapy and assistance to develop a stronger support system. In a sense, your social worker will be able to help take all of your treatments and connect them together, maximizing their potential.

Other ways that medical social services can help includes assessing the risk of the environment you are living in. They can help to decide if where you are staying is a safe place and if your needs are able to be adequately met there. They are also trained to be able to better assist you with any mental health challenges you are experiencing.

Medical social workers do their best to empower you to do all that you can independently. Their ultimate goal is to guide you along as you work through medical, family and social challenges. They are there to help you achieve your fullest potential in all areas of life.

We believe the heart of healthcare is service to people and the community.