Speech Therapy

Most individuals don’t think twice when it comes to speaking. It just happens naturally and is something we’ve done since our earliest days. It’s easy to take for granted how important speech is to performing daily tasks and relating to others. When a speech problem arises for a patient, it can be very troubling and embarrassing.

Speech therapy doesn’t just happen outside of the home. If you’re having trouble getting to an appointment about your speech, we can come to you. Our dedicated team of speech therapists will help to give you peace of mind and improvement in this area. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable about sharing your problems with our team. We’ll do whatever we can to ease the anxiety that you may have about your speech.

Difficulty expressing words can make sufferers insecure and cause them to lose confidence. Unless addressed, it can also cause individuals to become withdrawn and even depressed. Speech therapy can help to manage or solve speech problems.

This form of therapy also provides a safe person to talk to about the problems you or a loved one are experiencing. Those who don’t have a problem with their speech likely will not understand why you do have one. Your therapist will help you to be comfortable opening up about your frustrations and to provide you with a treatment plan.

Speech therapy helps with more than the annunciation of words. There are many other areas it can help with such as speech delay, difficulty recalling or formulating ideas and swallowing trouble.

The need for speech therapy in the home can be for many reasons. Dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke and mental health issues are just a few of many reasons to consider speech therapy. If you have any questions about whether you or a loved one could benefit from speech therapy, we would love to talk with you more about this treatment option.

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